Discover how investing in a high-grade sofa provides sustainable comfort and longevity while still looking fantastic in your home.

The most used piece of furniture in your home is not your bed... It's your sofa!

Whether we spend our time sitting, lounging, snuggling, hosting guests, or building forts (for the kids in your life), our sofa is a versatile investment piece that must stand the test of time.

More fun to shop for than a mattress, but buyers often neglect quality in favor of style or affordability.

Everyone has a budget they are comfortable with, but understanding the value  (or lack of value) of the item you purchase is essential.

Many people spend thousands of dollars on famous and well-known brand name sofas that look great and seem like a good investment, only to be disappointed a short time later when:

  • The fabric wears out, fades, pills or damages easily.
  • The springs give out, making one feel uncomfortable sinking deep into the piece.
  • The frame breaks or falls apart, unable to be repaired, rendering your sofa useless and headed to a landfill.
  • The cushions break down quickly and become misshapen, flat, or lumpy.

Hi, I'm Judith Taylor,

I am an artist and designer living in Toronto, I have a soft spot for well-crafted, high-quality furniture. My grandfather and extended family ran the once-prominent Krug Bros., a North American based furniture company that employed over 600 people and successfully operated for over 100 years.

The family business set the standard for sustainable manufacturing practices, planful reforestation, and responsible tree harvesting. You can still find their furniture in homes around the world. 

As a young child, I remember my grandfather showing me the inside of a sofa and explaining the details that made it strong, sturdy, and comfortable to sit on. 


Today, many corners are being cut in the furniture industry to provide products that look exactly like their well-crafted counterparts but are built with inferior materials and rushed to market in an endless cycle that requires buyers to replace these pieces every few years. In contrast, well-made sofas can last for generations with minimal upkeep and care. 

On a mission to help consumers and designers find better furniture - I've focused on the sofa since it's the most used and fun to shop for. So, I've created a short online program with everything you need to know to Buy a Better Sofa. 

Have fun shopping, and remember you CAN have quality and 

style when it comes to your sofa!



Introducing ...

The missing design school course you’ve been waiting for:

How to Buy a Better Sofa

This online, self-paced program is a quick win for decorators and designers ready to add significant value to their client buying experience. And for homeowners enthusiastic about investing in high-quality pieces for their families to enjoy for years to come.  

  • Select your next sofa with confidence and ease

  • Know and understand what makes a high-quality sofa

  • Choose the right style without sacrificing quality

  • Understand where to splurge and where to save

  • Learn about the textiles that work best for your lifestyle 

  • Avoid contributing to the landfill – our children's legacy

How to Buy a Better Sofa includes:

  • The importance of knowing your furniture source

  • A crash course in the Anatomy of a well-built sofa

  • The key terms that are used in the industry and know what to ask for

  • Instructions to find high-quality furniture

  • Understanding and choosing your ideal sofa style

  • Professional design advice on where to splurge and where to save 


  • Choosing ideal fabrics and upholstery

  • A downloadable, take-along Guide to Choosing Upholstered Furniture

  • A downloadable checklist for Buying Better Furniture

  • 15 Things to Know Before Hiring a Designer

This is the course that’s missing from design school!

Whether you went to design school or not, this online program covers furniture in a practical way that empowers you with the knowledge and confidence to choose a better sofa.

Save your client’s money in the long run by making a quality investment now, and minimize the furniture churn resulting in landfill contribution.

Normally $397, available for a limited time at our introductory rate.

If you think the cost of a high-quality sofa is daunting, just think about how bad you'll feel if you have to replace one in just a few years!

With How to Buy a Better Sofayou’ll save yourself:

  • Headaches and stress over making important and expensive decisions when purchasing your next sofa. 
  • Wasted money when you discover that your initial sofa purchase was built with inferior products on the inside.
  • Valuable time shopping without knowing what to look for in a quality sofa. 
  • From contributing to the 12 million tons of furniture that end up in landfills annually. 


  • I’m a designer. Is this program for me?

    This program is ideal for you if you want to be able to speak confidently with your clients about quality furniture and why it is worth the investment. It will also help you have a conversation to address any inclination to “shop you” on the internet once you can speak about the difference between retail and online furniture vs quality available only through industry professionals.

  • I’m a homeowner. Is this program for me?

    Yes, I started out developing this program for homeowners and there is lots of value for you to learn how to make better purchases when shopping for any upholstered furniture. You get to enjoy the pride of creating your own lasting beauty knowing you are making better investments.

  • How long does it take to work through this program?

    Everyone learns at their own pace and this program is designed for you to learn what you can when you have time to devote to professional development. We estimate there are about ten hours of work if you follow all of the links and are interested in learning deeply about upholstered furniture.

  • Do I need to download any special software or apps to access the program?

    Nope! It is available to be viewed on your browser. For the best experience, I recommend using your laptop to maximize the screen.

Don’t miss out on our special introductory price for How to Buy a Better Sofa. 

Purchase our program now for only $297 and receive the full course and bonuses!